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Rescue Credit have access to commercial lenders who are ready to assist you with your next business loan.  We have listed below some of the most common types of business and commercial finance we can assist you with.

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Commercial Property Loans

Rescue Credit can assist you with purchasing or refinancing a commercial property.  Generally you will need a 30% deposit to purchase or if refinancing then you will generally be limited to a maximum loan size of 70% of the commercial property value.

As a general guide the maximum loan term for commercial properties is set at 20 to 25 years.  Other lending criteria will apply such as the location of the commercial property, the type of business that will occupy the commercial property, the financials of the borrowing entity and of course the credit rating of the guarantor.

If you are looking to purchase or refinance a commercial property then we recommend that you fill in our quick contact form to discuss your scenario first with one of our specialist business loan consultants.

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Business Plant and Equipment Finance

Rescue Credit can assist you with purchasing Business Plant and Equipment.  We have access to lenders who specialize in this type of finance and these include:

  • 100% finance for office fit-outs and business software up to $5 Million per customer
  • Yellow Goods, trucks and heavy equipment financing
  • Business finance for cars and light commercial vehicles up to $150,000
  • Replacement commercial vehicle loans up to $500,000
  • Approval within 24 hours (subject to receiving all supporting documentation)

 Each scenario is different so please Contact Us to discuss your business finance needs or complete our full online application

Debtor Financing

Rescue Credit can assist your business with raising debtor finance (aka cash flow funding) by providing you with funds secured against your outstanding invoices immediately.  We can generally arrange up to $250K or up to 80% of your outstanding invoices straight away.

Debtor financing is like having  a line of credit up to 80% of whatever your customers owe you or accounts receivable.  Why wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for your business invoices to be paid when we can help you raise the cash within a few days?

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Low Doc and Impaired Credit Business Finance

If you have light financials or a not-so-perfect credit file then Rescue Credit can help.  We have access to an established network of private investors who are happy to consider low doc commercial loans and business finance.

Some examples include:

  • Low doc commercial property finance
  • 1 Day ABN loans for business cars, trucks and trailers
  • 20% Deposit for low doc and small default business car finance
  • Second Mortgages and equity release loans


The above loan facilities can be suitable for a short term financing solution and we will always look to refinance you into a better product later on, subject to you meeting the lenders credit guidelines.

Each scenario is different so Contact Us to discuss your debtor finance needs or complete our online application


Business Finance and Commercial Property Loan Application Checklist

As a general guide you will need the following bits of information in support of your commercial loan or business finance application:

  • A fully completed commercial loan application form (provided by Rescue Credit)
  • A certified copy of your drivers license or passport
  • Last two years full tax returns for business and individual (EG company director or partnership)
  • Your last six months business loan statement, if applicable
  • Your latest council rates notice for the commercial property
  • Your latest water rates notice for the commercial property
  • Any other information the credit provider may ask for or want to verify

You won’t need these documents when applying online but they will be needed later on so the sooner you prepare them the quicker we can assist you.

In conclusion, whatever type of commercial property loan or business finance you’re looking for Rescue Credit have access to a wide range of specialist lenders and we will work with you in getting the most appropriate finance solution.

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Conditions may apply depending on the strength of your application and all loans are subject to lending guidelines.